The Band of Rivals first united during a production of “Twelfth Night” at Eastern University. Dubbed “The Band of Rivals” by the play’s director, Sean Cox, Abbey Mertz and Alex-Michael Alleva decided to combine their talent, and were later joined by Greg Ondo and Doug Keller. The band’s genre is often described as folk, but every member of the band contributes their unique influences like jazz and rock. Lyrically, their music draws influence from Biblical and Greek Mythology as well as the work of Thoreau, Steinbeck, Huxley and H.P Lovecraft.


Since 2013 The Band of Rivals have been producing their own brand of folk music. Hailing from the suburbs of Philadelphia, the project began with singer Sean Cox meeting violinist Abbey Reed and guitarist Alex-Michael Alleva in a production of “Twelfth Night” . The Director of this adaptation set the show in the Civil War, and recruited the trio to serve as a traveling “Band of Rivals”. The name stuck and shortly after they began playing local house shows and coffee houses under the new moniker. Eventually they sought out a drummer and bassist to fill out the line up. These were found in Greg Ondo and Doug Keller.

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